European University Cyprus

Research interests at EUC alsoinclude the conceptualisation of disability and accessibility in HE curricula, for example see the work of Liasidou&Mavrou (2017) on Disability rights in Higher Education Programs: The case of medical schools and other health-related disciplines, where construction of disability and accessibility in health-related university curricula was examined. The paper itself suggests a more specific focus on accessibility to be expanded on other HE programmes curricula, and also that the way disability and accessibility is conveyed in the HE curricula is important on the development of relevant awareness and competencies of HE students. EUC is also involved in the project Right to Connect that also deals with accessibility and participation of persons with disabilities, as well as the DigiReady project, that explores guidelines and best practices for accessibility and inclusion in Vocational Education and Training for persons with disabilities, that is very close to Higher Education (continuing education) perspectives. In addition, EUC has recently established the SoScieAtH Centre of Excellence in Research & Innovation in Social Sciences, the Arts and the Humanities which is highly involved in issues of the quality assurance of Higher Education, with a special focus on disability and accessibility through its Assistive Technology, Disabilities and Inclusive Education Unit. The Unit has also recently developed a short guide for Universal Design for Learning in curricula and course development for HE instructors.

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